One Rubber Farmer,

Protects a thousand Souls

From rubber farmers in South Sumatra to medical personnel throughout in Indonesia. There is a secret, everyday one farmer can produce dry latex which has the potential to create 2000 medical latex gloves to protect 1000 Medical Personnel in Indonesia

Tappers Rubber Farmers is what moves us

In Fact, they are living below poverty level, have a low level of education and don’t have access to formal financial institutions with competitive interest which have an impact on their welfare.

Taniyuk connecting the farming industry from upstream to downstream through a digital platform. Empowering inclusivity by creating digital footprints & credit profile of farmers.

At the end of the day, our aim is to increase inclusivity & the quality of life for Indonesian farmers, Tappers should be Living Above poverty level.

Taniyuk Support Farmers with subsidy and Ensured Off-Taker Helping Indonesia’s economy & the life of 2.5 Million farmers.